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Turn Both Hands

When Turning both hands, two Dancers Take Both hands and proceed round each other clockwise, Finishing in their Starting Positions unless the amount of Turn requires otherwise.

In Quick tempo Scottish Country Dances, Pas-de-basque is the default step for this Turning movement as, for example, in bars 19-20 of Duke of Perth. Completing the Turn in the prescribed 2 bars is demanding, especially as the Dancing couple have to Finish Facing Second corners; however, in this example, the Turn follows Setting to first corners and so the Dancers can advantageously make some progress around each other in the left foot step of that preceding Figure before they Take hands.

Turn both hands in Strathspeys always requires the Travelling Step; in a few Quick tempo dances, (mostly Ceilidh dancing but also The Duke and Duchess of Edinburgh), the Skip change Travelling Step is prescribed.

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Dance Video Clip Which Demonstrates Turn Both Hands

Turn Both Hands Video Clip

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