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Laird O' Dochart's Reel Video

Laird O' Dochart's Reel - YouTube Scottish Country Dancing Video.
Performance Of Laird O' Dochart's Reel - Lynmill Scottish Dancers, 1992.
Music By David Cunningham And His Scottish Dance Band.
80 Bar Jig For 4 Couples In A 4 Couple Set, Published In Scottish Dances Collected By Mary Isdal MacNab.

Video Notes
This dance was collected from Archie MacNab of Toronto, Ontario.
Toronto was named York in the old days, near to where Chief Archebald MacNab and some of his clansman settled on their arrival from Scotland in 1823.
The chief built a house on the banks of a stream which he named Dochart after a river in Scotland.
The proud and haughty chief was named the Laird O' Dochart.

(Dance Information From Laird O' Dochart's Reel Video On YouTube.)

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