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The Magic Roundabout (Freemantle) Video

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The Magic Roundabout (Freemantle) - YouTube Scottish Country Dancing Video.
Performance Of The Magic Roundabout (Freemantle) - The Graziani Family, Bologna, 2020.

Video Notes
The forced lockdown has devastated our society, who knows how long it will take to return to normal.

As a side effect (but at what price!) for those who wanted to get involved and do something more, it brought new contacts and friendship, thanks to social networks. This is our case: with this series of videos we have (virtually) made new friends, who have appreciated our work for the SCD. Friends whom I personally appreciate so much the work they usually do for SCD.

In particular today I refer to Reuben, with his Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary, who gives a great service to the SCD community. I am pleased to post the video of one of his dances.

Moreover, Circulating Knot followed by Circulating Allemande is a very beautiful and challenging match, because you must always be well aware of where you are in order not to get confused. I like it very much!

(Dance Information From The Magic Roundabout (Freemantle) Video On YouTube.)

See The Magic Roundabout (Freemantle) Dance Instruction Page

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