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Although the bulk of the content of this site remains unchanged, or changes only trivially, we add new pages continually and make material revisions to existing pages whenever necessary. The more recent additions and revisions are categorized and listed below.

Often hidden from the viewer, and usually affecting almost every page, we also modify the coding of the site for purposes of improving its effectiveness and to meet ever-changing regulations though this does not change the content. Thus it is unpractical to use an automatic process for identifying materially changed pages; the process has to be manual and so is fallible.

New Dance Instructions Pages

New dances are added and indexed in Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs. Primarily, but not exclusively, these come from the approximately monthly update issued by the MiniCrib team; occasionally, we add a MaxiCrib or instructions from other sources. New Keith Rose Crib Diagrams for which we don't already have any written crib are also listed here.

The following dances have been added (or materially updated) in recent months:

January 2021
April Snow On Mull
Bavaria Birl
Borderland Jig
Calais Sunshine
Catherine Wheel
Clapping With The Neighbours
Council Of Europe Jig
Daily Commute
Dance For Ann
Devil's Staircase
Duncan Gray
Five Crossings From Mallaig
Football Time
Forty Years On
Gentle Crossing
Georgian Earrings
Groundhog Day (Kargapoltsev)
Happy Birthday Kennocha!
Heart Of Midlothian FC
Helping Hand
High Time
Hot Cross Buns
I Wonder Why
Ian's Delight
Iron Piper
Joy Be Wi' Ye
Joy's Undulations
Julia McMahon
Ken And Tula's Reel
Lads Of Ayr
Look! No Hands! (Phillips)
Lucy Mulholland's Strathspey
Never Let Go
Old Packhorse Bridge
Olympic Village
Paula's Pleasure
Pitlochry Lassies
Post-Pandemic Reel
Reel For Joy
Romancing Ramona
Round Tower
School At Home
Serpent Of Loch Nell
St Valentine's Chase
Star Petronella
Summer Party
There And Back Again (Bristow)
Thursday Dram
Trip To The Orkneys
Vivre à Saint Quay
Walk With Me
Weaver's Reel
Wedding Toast
Wheels Around The World
Winding River Of Glen Coe
December 2020
Alexander Reel
Ashintully Castle
Black Squirrel
Bob And Bev's Reel
Braes Of Mar
Bunty's Party
Castle Of The Comyns
Cocklemill Burn
Craigtoun Park
Cranston's Rant
Cyprus Delight (Jackson)
Drummond Hill
Down Unda
Duke And Duchess Of Cambridge
Duke And Duchess Of Cornwall
Duke And Duchess Of Sussex
Eleanor's First Birthday
Fiddler's Fancy
Galloway Pippins
Glencarron Strathspey
Green Sweater
Heights Of Inchvannie
Helen's Fancy
Highland Milkmaid
Hypochondriac's Delight
I'll Mak' Ye Fain To Follow Me
Jacobite Ladies Of Murrayshall
John McNeil's Reel
John Stephen
John Stephen Of Chance Inn
Juniper Jig
Kinlock Of Kinlock
Ladie Nellie Wemys
Lady Charlotte Campbell's Medley
Lady Eliza Lindsay
Lady Madelaine Sinclair
Lady Mary Ramsay
Lairds Of Coll
Lamplighter's Hornpipe
Lass O' Gowrie
Leveneep Head
Lochaber Gathering
Lord Wellington
Loudon's Bonnie Woods
Lucky Scaup
MacDonald's Delight
Machine Without Wheels
Maid Of Morven
Man From Skye
Manchester Busy Bees
Merry Andrew
Merry Boys Of Greenland
Miss Ada Crawford
Miss Barbara Cunningham
Miss Clementine Loughan
Miss Dheirdre Brown
Miss Dickson's Reel
Miss Doreen Lambert
Miss E Lyall
Miss French Of Tayside
Miss Kirkpatrick
Miss Knowles
Miss Maria Stewart's Jig
Miss Monaghan's Reel
Miss Thompson's Reel
Mollie Shippey's Strathspey
Moments In Time
Monessie Reel
Montrose Races
Morag Hutton's Strathspey
Mount Stuart House
Mr Alex Menzies
Mr Martin
Mrs Adie
Mrs Erskine's Fancy
Mrs Grace Bowie
Mrs Jimmy Shand's Strathspey
Mrs Joseph Lowe
Nur Gucken, Nicht Anfassen
Proitzer Mühle
Proof O' The Pudding
Red Wine And Truffles
Silver Arrow
Sir Hugh Lyon Playfair's Jig
Sky Top Jig
Sumburgh Roost
Swarthmore Friends Meeting
Toast To Alltshellach
ToBe FoTy
Touch Me Not (Williams)
Tread We A Measure
Wandering Willie
With A Spring In Your Step
There were, in addition, MiniCribs for nearly 50 other dances for which we already had a Keith Rose Crib Diagram.
November 2020
1st February
Airbus Jig
Arlette's Fancy
Au Revoir Mes Amis
Corona Dance
Dancing On The Green
Dardagny Reel
Dogs In Heaven
Endless Summer
Gateway To Northland
Geestland Jig
Glaikit Gowk
Hello In July
If All The Snow Goes Up In Flames
Jobelmann Jig
Kaiwaka Returns
Keep Calm And Carry On
Let's All Join In
Magic Of Summer School
Rose Bouquet
Sunshine Reel
Tantalizing Treats
Those Endless Winding Roads
Trixi's Favourite Toy
What's In A Name
There were, in addition, MiniCribs for nearly 60 other dances for which we already had a Keith Rose Crib Diagram and a Dance Video.
October 2020
Annette Musker's Hornpipe
Belfast Hooley
Dervaig House
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson's Strathspey
Elizabeth Lye's Strathspey
Norwegian Wooden Chairs - formerly known as DSAH-16-9-2020.
Rennie's Bridge
Ricki Robb's Reel
Sawney Bean's Reel
Spread Eagle
Teviot Bridge Reconstructed
Three Wild Lads
Wig-Maker's Son
September 2020
Birthday Cake (Sherman)
Donna's Dancing Shoes
Dressed In Green And Gold
Emerald Isle (Clindinning)
Fort Langley Hornpipe
George's Strathspey (Robertson)
Glendalough Strathspey
Glens Of Antrim (Clindinning)
Golden Hornpipe
Hands Free
King Sized Bed
Ladies In Green
Les Voyageurs
Let's Get This Sorted!
Look No Hands (Johnston)
Macleod's Silver Sea
MacPhail's Rant
Mountains Of Mourne
Mount Maxwell Strathspey
Nine Glens Of Antrim
Oyster Girl
Piccadilly Circus
Qualicum Bairns Hornpipe
Sailing On Shawnigan Lake
Sailing To Saltspring
Saltspring Strathspey
Sunrise On Craig Bay
Return To Thimble Cottage
White Rose Of York
There were, in addition, MiniCribs for 47 other dances for which we already had a Keith Rose Crib Diagram and a Dance Video.

New Dance Terms Pages

When these are added, they are indexed in the Comprehensive DICTIONARY Of Dance Terms. All are created by us as and when the need arises.

The following pages have been added (or materially updated) in recent months:

October 2020
Borders' Poussette
Starting Poussette On Left Foot
June 2020
Dances for Small Numbers of Dancers
Onesome Reel
The Influence of Covid-19 on Scottish Country Dancing

New Miscellaneous Pages

These are pages, usually concerned with the operation of the site, which are not indexed in the Comprehensive DICTIONARY Of Dance Terms. All are created by us as and when the need arises.

The following pages have been added (or materially updated) in recent months:

October 2020
Poems And Songs
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