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Although the bulk of the content of this site remains unchanged, or changes only trivially, we add new pages continually and make material revisions to existing pages whenever necessary. The more recent additions and revisions are categorized and listed below.

Often hidden from the viewer, and usually affecting almost every page, we also modify the coding of the site for purposes of improving its effectiveness and to meet ever-changing regulations though this does not change the content. Thus it is unpractical to use an automatic process for identifying materially changed pages; the process has to be manual and so is fallible.

New Dance Instructions Pages

New dances are added and indexed in Dance Instructions A-Z Dance Cribs. Primarily, but not exclusively, these come from the approximately monthly update issued by the MiniCrib team; occasionally, we add a MaxiCrib or instructions from other sources. New Keith Rose Crib Diagrams for which we don't already have any written crib are also listed here. Note that, if a written crib is added shortly after a Crib Diagram, we do not normally update the link here but the linked page then, of course, does show a link to the Dance Instruction page.

The following dances have been added (or materially updated) in recent months:

July 2024

June 2024

May 2024

April 2024

Alice In Wonderland
Ann Of Little Rock
Another SCD Wedding
Blairnane's Rant
Bonny Betty Attrill
Brianna's Reel
Burnside Jig
Celtic Bride
Come, Enchant Our Evening
Dance For Grandma???
Dance Of The Demons
Elegant Tern
Etta's Walkabout
Fanny Power
Fare Frolic
Fearsome Fivesome (Ferguson)
Filoli Gardens
Fingal Bay
Five For John
For The Love In My Life
Frog's Fugue
Fulghum's Frolic
Gail Cordy's Welcome To Utah
Galtee Rangers
Gentle Jig
Gloucester Reel
Halsway Anniversary
Happy 40, Gail Cordy
Happy Easter With Anouk
Helpful Jig
Highbury Jig
Holiday In WA
Hugh's Welcome
I'm The Saftest O' The Family
Invigilator (Ferguson)
It's Better By Half
Jig For Abbie
Jill's Hornpipe
Key Lime Pie
Leg Of A Duck
Lindsay's Strathspey
Linen Cap
Little Miss Muffet
Lord Lyndoch
Lot To Answer For
Man From Uist
Moving Cloud (Mitchell)
Mrs Herries Forbes
Mrs Jean Lumsden
Muddle Or Two, I'll Dance With Who?
Nac Mac Feegle
Navy Lark
Nellie's Jig
Noughts And Crosses
O'er The Hills (Mitchell)
Oh, Claire
Parks Of Kilbirnie
Peter Straughan
Pieces Of Eight (Wilkins)
Possums' Jig
Rainbow Laces
Rambling Pitchfork (Mitchell)
Regency Reel
Rejected Suitor
Road To Rheindown
Ross Of Mull
Scotsman's Choice
Sego Lily
Selworthy Days
Smiling Joan
Spanish Falcon
Spotwood Reel
St Ted's Strathspey
Strathspey For Aileen
Sturt's Desert Pea
Summer Solstice Strathspey
Tammie Norie
Three Plus One
Thursday Reel
Tribute to Heinz
Trip To Boston
Trip To Moab
Trip To Vestal
Turlinghams Round
Tusmore Park Canon
Tusmore Tourneé
TZK Reel
Wasatch Mountain Reel
Wendy's Welcome
White Gum Valley
Working Shift
X Marks The Scot

March 2024
February 2024
January 2024
December 2023
November 2023
September 2023
August 2023

40 Years On
Absurd Number Of Cucumber Sandwiches
ASCDS Memories
Before The Storm
Blue Route
Border Lads And Lassies
Bumble Bee
Carrie's Flight
Change Of Pace
Come Dance The Ruby Reel
Compliments To Glasgow
Creator Of Intricacies
Crum Creek Hornpipe
Dava Way
Drumin Castle
Dundonian Entertainer
Duns Daisy Chain
Elginhaugh Rant
Faerie Pools
Fairy Lights
Fearsome Fivesome (Emery)
Festival Fun (Harland)
Four Score And Ten
Garden Party Social
Glasgow City Strathspey
Glasgow Welcome
Golden Jubilee Quadrille
Heart Of Midlothian
Hundred Years Since
In Celebration Of Glasgow Branch
In Honour Of Derek Hamilton
In Honour Of Ewan Galloway
Jane's Flying Cello
John McDermott's Jig
Katherine Hamilton
Keith Rose Of Felmersham
Laird Of Dumbiedike's Favorite (Sir Walter Scott Book)
Lansdowne Strathspey
Loch Rannoch Reel
Longborough Lanterns
Madge Wildfire's Reel
Madge Wildfire's Strathspey (Sir Walter Scott Book)
Man In Waiting
Manual Memories
Marjory's Birthday Strathspey
Meet, Greet And Repeat
Miss Grant Of Elchies
Morstein Hornpipe
Moylan Fan Club
Nethy Bridge (Wignall)
Off To Arden
Ogilvys Of Winton
Pittsburgh Rake
Quarry Wood
Reindeer's Jubilee
Rhona's Jig
Riverside Walk
Robbie And Esma Shepherd's Strathspey
Ruby Anniversary
Ruby Do The Jig
Sacramento Celebration
Salute To Sally
San Siro Reel
Sarah's Stamp Party
Scots Guards (Legge)
Secret Location
Seeing Stars
Seven Eights
Silverdale Sunset
Spring School 2022
Strictly Country Dance Strathspey
Tall Ship "Glenlee"
Thorngrove Anniversary Strathspey
To Absent Friends
Trip To Tarble
Wind's Twelve Quarters
Wollondilly Strathspey
Written Examination

June 2023
April 2023
March 2023
February 2023
January 2023

New Dance Terms Pages

When these are added, they are indexed in the Comprehensive DICTIONARY Of Dance Terms. All are created by us as and when the need arises.

The following pages have been added (or materially updated) in recent months:

April 2022

New Miscellaneous Pages

These are pages, usually concerned with the operation of the site, which are not indexed in the Comprehensive DICTIONARY Of Dance Terms. All are created by us as and when the need arises.

The following pages have been added (or materially updated) in recent months:

November 2021

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