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Set Structure

Set structure in this Scottish Country Dancing Dictionary covers the "geography" within the various Set formats. The terms are used to define the individual Dancers, the Places from which they start at the beginning of the dance and at the beginning of a Repeat, the Positions within The set to and from which they move and the absolute and relative Directions by which they achieve those movements within The set.

Note that the overall appearance of the dance is covered under the main heading, Types of sets; the movements performed by the Dancers are covered under the main heading, Figures (which includes the alternative usage of Set as a Figure) and also under Complex figures.

Unless otherwise specified, The set and the numbering within it is used here to mean those Dancers involved in the current Repeat, i.e., the Dancers in what is defined as the Active set.

Positions and Directions within a Longwise, Active, 3-Couple Set are shown in Diagram 23 and those within a 4-Couple Square set in Diagram 22.

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Set Structure

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