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Dashing White Skater, RSCDS Ottawa National Arts Centre, 2004.

Amazing Scottish Skating Dance In Kilt!, Team Of Brother And Sister From Scotland, 2019.

Scottish Dance On Ice, Sinead Kerr And John Kerr, World Figure Skating Championships, 2008.

Strictly Scottish, A Mixter Maxter Of Scottish Music, Verse, Song And Dance, Edinburgh Festival Fringe, 1993.

The Reel Of The 51st Division - RSCDS Phoenix Branch Performing Fer L'Mor And Wasatch Mountain Reel, 2010.

Glasgow Branch Demonstration Teams.
Throughout the history of the Glasgow Branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Demonstration Teams has been a consistent prerequisite, exhibiting country dancing at its very best for its members and the general pubic.
The photographs and short film feature the various Teams over the years.

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