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Red Thistle Dancers, Wonderland Extravaganza, 2016.
Guest appearance by Red Thistle Dancers at the San Jose School of Highland Dance Alice in Wonderland Extravaganza.
The Courtly Court Dancers of The Queen of Hearts (Red Thistle Dancers) dance the Scottish Country Dance, The Minister on the Loch, until a very curious Alice unexpectedly joins the set and steals one of the partners. A very little madness ensues until Alice is removed by the Queen of Hearts herself.

German Team Mannequin Challenge, 2016.

Newcastle Festival, German Team Display, 2017.

From the 'Controlled Abandon' documentary. Robbie Shepherd narrates the history of Scottish country dancing, from its druidic origins to the international appeal it holds today.

Scottish Night With Live Music (Breaking Strings) And The Flying Scotsman Scottish Country Dance Group In Salzburg, Austria, April 14, 2018.

Scottish Dance, Kuula: Complete Works For Solo Piano - Artist: Adam Johnson, Composer: Toivo Kuula, 2018.

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