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How To Make A Tartan Rosette, 2019.

How To Wear A Sash With Rosette, 2019.

The Paranoid Jig Performance - 2019.

Roxburgh Castle Performance - Tawa Scottish Country Dancing Club, Tawa, New Zealand, 2019.
Video Notes
An evening of "castle" themed dances at the Tawa Scottish Country Dancing Club. People were invited to dress accordingly and as well as the Queen and other assorted royalty, there were ladies, maids, footmen, cooks, a butler or two, a mouse... and you may be able to spot a ghost further down the hall. There were even a few in casual beach wear, for 'Sophie's Sand Castle' also featured on the programme.
The Queen, aka club tutor Maureen Robson, instructed the dancers not to take hands during the dance. So leading down the middle, 'hands round and back' and poussettes needed some thought and awareness of the partner, but dancers rose to the challenge.

Summer Solstice - Like Every Year More Than 40 People Got Together To Enjoy A Ceilidh Dance At The Tempelhofer Feld Organized By Ceilidh Dance Berlin, 2019.

Red House - Inner Look, With Suprises, Budapest, 2019.
Music By Andrew Lyon, James Gray And Phill Jones.
Note The Use Of Keith Rose's Crib, Projected On The Wall.
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