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Andy Stewart In A Clip From His One And Only Video, Introducing And Singing Campbeltown Loch Song, Probably Filmed In 1991.

Performance Of Campbeltown Loch Song - Andy Stewart, Original His Master's Voice Single, 1963.

Video Notes
This recording is from an original 1963, His Master's Voice single (POP 1246), sung by Andy Stewart with an orchestra conducted by Brian Fahey.

It is based on the bagpipe march, "The Glendaruel Highlanders" written circa 1860 by Pipe Major A. Fettes of the Royal Aberdeen Volunteers.

The Campbeltown Loch words were added much later and have been variously attributed to either Alan Cameron (Wikipedia), or to MacMillan and Stewart (on the 1963 Andy Stewart record itself).

(Dance Information From Campbeltown Loch Video On YouTube.)

Performance Of Campbeltown Loch (I Wish You Were Whisky) - Andy Stewart, From 'Whisky - The Spirit of Scotland in Music and Song', 2010.

CalMac Ferry In Campbeltown Loch, From The Air, 2019.

Campbeltown Loch, From Beneath The Surface, 2016.

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