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30 Isnae Enaw

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30 Isnae Enaw 30 + 2 Bar Jig For 4 Couples In A 4 Couple Set Zoltán Gräff 2011.

1-8 1C+2C and 3C+4C set and link for two; 1C+4C right hands across.
9-16 2M+1M, 2L+1L, 4M+3M, 4L+3L: facing each other. Set and turn with right hands, finishing 1L facing 4L, 1M facing 4M; 1M+4M, 1L+4L: turn with left hands one and a half times, finishing back to back each other on the sides facing a new person, ready for...
17-24 Reels of 4 on the sides. Middle people do not finish the reels, but pass each other by the left shoulder and by giving left hands to each other they finish in a line across the set. People in the middle (1L+4M) give each other right hands, while retaining left hands with outside people.
25-30 1C+4C Balance in line (2 bars); 1M+4M and 1L+4L turn with left hands 1¼ (4 bars);
Nobody does anything (2 bars). Finish in order 2 4 1 3.

Repeat the dance three more times from the new positions.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Zoltán Gräff, 2009)

Dance Notes

Revision 1 (08/03/2019) there is now no set at bar 15-16.

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30 Isnae Enaw - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This jig, 30 Isnae Enaw, was devised by Zoltán Gräff in 2011 as a present to Anikó Bíró on the occasion of her 30th birthday.

"Isnae Enaw" is Scots for "Is Not Enough".

Tune: Jo McDiarmid's Jig, Bill Clement: Dancing to the pipes (or any 4x32 bar Jig).

(Dance information from A Reel Goulash 1, Budapest Book of Scottish Country Dances (2011), reproduced here with the kind permission of Zoltán Gräff)

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