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Admirable Fred

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Admirable Fred - 64R4 - in a balanced set (3rd and 4th couples begin on opposite sides) Linda Mae Dennis

1-8 1st couple with 2nd couple and 3rd couple with 4th couple dance four hands round to the left and back.
9-16 1st and 4th women set to each other, cast off or up one place, meet between 2nd and 3rd couples and turn with the right hand 1¼ times to finish with 1st woman between 3rd couple and 4th woman between 2nd couple. Meanwhile, 1st and 4th men set to each other twice, dance across through their partners' places and down or up one place respectively, to finish just inside the side lines between 2nd and 3rd couple.
17-20 1st woman, still curving to the right, dance out between 2nd man and 3rd woman and up through her partner's place and cross to own side. Similarly, 4th woman dance out between 2nd woman and 3rd man and down through her partner's place and cross to own side. Meanwhile, 1st and 4th men turn giving right hands 1¼ times.
21-24 1st and 4th men follow their partner's route between 2nd and 3rd couples to finish in original places and set to partners while 1st and 4th women set twice, once to each other and once to partners.
25-32 1st couple with 2nd couple and 3rd couple with 4th couple dance rights and lefts.
33-40 2nd and 3rd couples dance a Ladies' Chain. They do not give the final left hand, but pass left shoulders and dance in to meet their partner in the middle, 2nd couple facing up, 3rd couple facing down. On bar 40, 1st and 4th couples dance in, 1st couple facing up, 4th couple facing down, ready for...
41-48 Allemande, 1st and 2nd couples dancing out and up as usual, 3rd and 4th couples dancing down and to the right, inverted, to finish in the order 2, 1, 4, 3.
49-56 All dance the Grand Chain, end couples cross over to begin.
57-64 All advance and retire (4 bars). Then 2nd and 4th couples dance half rights and lefts while 1st and 3rd couples turn once round giving right hands. They finish in the order 4, 1, 2, 3, with 2nd and 3rd couples on opposite sides.
Repeat with a new top couple.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Linda Mae Dennis, 2004)

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Admirable Fred - YouTube Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

For Fred van Nus, who worked tirelessly to promote Scottish Country Dancing especially in Clark County, Washington. (There's a ballad that goes with the music.)

Suggested music: "Pint O' Ale" from The Devil's Quandary with Deby Benton Grosjean and Andy Imbrie (Ridgetop Sound, Aptos, California)

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