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The After Supper Sweeper

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THE AFTER SUPPER SWEEPER (S3x32) 3C set John Gregory
1M and 1L each with a broom; all men with rubbish sack tucked into belt

1- 4 1s sweep down the middle own sides
5- 8 1s cast up and sweep up behind their own sides to place, while 2L with 2M and 3L with 3M dance dos-à-dos
9-16 1s sweep in and down into mirror reels of 3 on own sides with 2s and 3s
17-24 1L sweeping crosses down into half Fig of 8 around 2M, back across the set to place and casts behind 2L (handing broom to 2L as she passes) while 1M sweeps across the set, casts behind 2L, up through 2C and casts behind 2M (handing broom to 2M as he passes) 2s step up 23-24
25-28 1s and 3s dance ½ R&L
29-32 3s and 1s turn both hands 1½ (3M deploying rubbish sack to enhance the turn) 231


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The After Supper Sweeper - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

Devised in 2015 by John Gregory who is invariably the after supper sweeper at many dances.
Music used - The Gardeners' Fantasia played by Kenny Thomson on Music for Book 46

After supper sweeper, woman with broom
Sweeper - Woman With A Broom, South Bank, London

Image copyright Robin Sones under this Creative Commons Licence 2.0.

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