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Alexander's Castle - 32J3 Linda Mae Dennis

1-8 1st man cross down to dance a figure of eight round 3rd and 2nd women, passing between them and dancing down round 3rd woman to start, and finish in 1st woman's place. Meanwhile, 1st woman wait for four bars, then turn 2nd man with right hands to finish in 2nd man's place facing out. 2nd man finish in 1st man's place facing in.
9-16 1st man dance a reel of three own side, crossing down through 2nd place and passing 3rd man with left shoulder to begin. 1st woman dance out and up to begin the reel. At the same time, 2nd man dance a reel of three on the opposite side, crossing down through 2nd place and passing right shoulder with 3rd woman to begin. 2nd woman dance out and up to begin. 1st and 2nd women (in 2nd place) finish the reels facing out. (1st man pass in front of 2nd man as they cross over into the reels.)
17-20 1st woman and 3rd man turn once round giving left hands while 2nd and 3rd women turn once round giving right hands. All finish facing in.
21-24 1st and 2nd couples, without giving hands, set to each other on the diagonal and dance one place anticlockwise to finish with 2nd couple in top place and 1st couple in 2nd place, all on own sides.
25-32 All three couples circle six hands round to the left and back.

Repeat having passed a couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Linda Mae Dennis, July 7 2009)

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Music, any good jig.

Alexander's Castle is the oldest building within the Fort Worden compound. Though I had seen it many times from a distance, but it was my friend Deb Ralls who checked it out and came back with the official story:

John B. Alexander served as rector at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Port Townsend from 1882-1886. In 1883 he acquired 10 acres of land near Point Wilson and constructed the building known as Alexander's Castle. Alexander intended the building to serve as a home for himself and his bride. Travelling to Scotland, Alexander found that his bride-to-be had married another. He returned to Port Townsend alone...

(Dance information by the deviser, Linda Mae Dennis)

Alexander's Castle, the oldest building within the Fort Worden compound
Alexander's Castle

Text from this original Fort Worden article on Wikipedia.
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