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Aon 's A Dha

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Aon 's A Dha
Maggie and Duncan Keppie Gaelic College SCD Book 2: Six And Half A Dozen
Reel 8 x 32 bars 2 Couple Repeat 4 Couple Set Longwise Set

  1-8   SET AND ROTATE: 1st and 2nd couples set and rotate (pulling right shoulder back cast around the square to the next place, cross right hand with partner, and chase clockwise to next place: couples have changed places);

  9-16 WHEELS: 2nd and 1st couples right hands across and back with left hands across (1st woman ends facing out);

17-24 1ST COUPLE CHASE, SET AND CROSS: 1st woman casts up one place and dances across to 1st man's place followed by 1st man who ends in 1st woman's place (2nd couple step down on bars 19-20) where they set to one another and cross over with right hands ending in the middle facing down nearer hands joined (2nd couple step in to face 1st couple, nearer hands joined);

25-32 ½ RONDEL: 1st and 2nd couples dance ½ Rondel (1st couple dances under an arch made by 2nd couple who dance up, cross over passing woman in front of man, set and cross over with left hands.)

Repeat having passed a couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

Dance Notes

As with all dances having the format, 2-Couple Repeat in a 4-Couple Set, if dancer numbers so dictate it can be performed in a 3-Couple or 5-Couple Set and with the number of repeats adjusted appropriately.

(Dance notes by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Information

"Aon 's a dha" in Gaelic means "One and Two".
It should be pronounced as "Oeun ssa dha" with the following conventions:
  "oeu" is pronounced as in "coeur" in French;
  "ss" represents the sibilant form of "s" as in "less" rather than the "z" sound in English plurals;
  "dh" is pronounced as a more guttural version of the "ch" in "loch".

(Dance information by Reuben Freemantle)

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