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AYRSHIRE CRAIG (R8x32) 3C (4C set) Muriel A Johnstone Dancing On Air

1- 8 1s2s set; 2s followed by 1s dance down between 3s; 2s cast up to top, 1s up to 2nd place, flowing into ½ turn (2M1M RH, 2L1L LH) ending 2s facing out
9-16 1s cross down into mirror reels of 3 on opposite sides, ending 1s crossing down to 2nd place. 213
17-24 2s1s3s set; 2M2L 3M3L cross RH while 1s setting advance to centre and turn to face out own side (end in double triangles formation); 2s1s3s set and 1s (RSh back) cast to 2nd place opposite side. (2)(1)(3)
25-32 2s1s3s half-set (right foot- 1 bar) and circle left 6H round (5 bars) ending (2)(1)(3); 2s1s3s cross RH. 213


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