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Bag O' Shells

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Bag O' Shells 8x32 Strathspey for 2C by Sue McKinnell

1-8 1C and 2C dance the knot.
9-16 2C and 1C dance the bourrel.
17-24 1C set, petronella, set, turn RH to end in a line across the dance, 1W facing 2M and 1M facing 2W. 2C cast up on bars 7-8 of the phrase.
25-32 1C and 2C dance a reel of 4 across the dance, 1C ending in 2nd place and 2C ending in 1st place.


(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Sue McKinnell, 2018)

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Dance Information

Suggested music is The Marquis of Lorne from Muckle Carfuffle.

(Dance information by the deviser, Sue McKinnell)

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