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Barbara Rae

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Barbara Rae 28 bar Reel for 3 couples Twice and to the bottom Robert Zuparko

1 - 4 First couple lead down below third couple, nearer hands joined, and cast up to second place, second couple stepping up.
5 - 8 First couple turn by the right three quarters of a turn to finish woman up between the second couple all facing down and man down between third couple all facing up, then all set.
9 - 14 All three couples dance reels of three across the dance, first couple giving right shoulders to their first corner (on their right) to begin.
15 - 16 First couple turn by the right once round to face first corners.
17 - 18 First couple change places with their first corners giving left hands.
19 - 20 Second and third couples each change places giving right hands.
21 - 22 First couple change places with their second corners giving left hands. Note that the last six bars are in the form of a star grand chain.
23 - 24 First couple lead up nearer hands joined to first place on opposite sides, second couple stepping down. Note that all three couples are now on the opposite sides.
25 - 28 First and second couples dance half rights and lefts across, while third couple cross giving right hands and set.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Robert Zuparko, 1979 - copyright 1979 by Robert Zuparko. All rights reserved)

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Recommended music: Princess Royal, Berkeley Scottish Players, Heather and Yon.

Dance crib from The San Francisco Collection - Copyright 1979, 1980 by the San Francisco Branch, Royal Scottish Country Dance Society. All rights reserved.

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