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The Blacksmith Of Elgin

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THE BLACKSMITH OF ELGIN (J8x48) 3C (4C set) Faith Brosse Imperial 2

1- 8 1s+2s+3s take hands on side and set twice, retain hands and 1M followed by 2M+3M cross and dance down behind Ladies while 1L followed by 2L+3L cross and down Men's side (all pass RSh)
9-16 3s+2s+1s repeat above Fig with 1s leading crossing at bottom
17-24 1s dance Snowball Grand Chain for 3 couples:
   1s cross RH and change places LH on side with 2s
   1s change places RH with 3s while 2s cross RH
   1s cross LH while 2s+3s change places LH. 3(2)1
25-32 3L+2L+1L set advancing to hold nearer hands and retire, 3M+2M+1M repeat
33-40 3s+2s+1s dance Snowball Grand Chain for 3 couples:
   3s cross RH and change places LH on side with 2s
   3s change places RH with 3s while 2s cross RH
   3s cross LH while 2s+1s change places LH. 123
41-48 1s dance in and cast to 2nd place, all turn RH. 213

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

The Blacksmith of Elgin
Faith Brosse   Imperial Book 2
Jig   8 x 48 bars   3 Couple Repeat   4 Couple Set   Longwise Set

  1-4   1s2s3s set twice on the sides;

  5-8   1L2L3L (inside) 1M2M3M (outside) slip across the top and down opposite sides;

  9-12 3s2s1s set twice on opposite sides;

13-16 1L2L3L (inside) 1M2M3M (outside) slip across the bottom and up own sides to original places;

17-24 1s2s3s progressive chain (1s start), finishing 3s at the top, 2s on opposite sides, 1s at bottom;

25-28 2L with 3L 1L set twice (advance, take hands, retire);

29-32 2M with 3M 1M repeat bars 25-28;

33-40 3s2s1s progressive chain (3s start), finishing in own places;

41-44 1s dance towards each other and cast;

45-48 2s 1s 3s turn partner by the right.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

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Dance Information

Elgin is a former cathedral city and Royal Burgh in Moray, Scotland and is the administrative and commercial centre for Moray. Elgin is first documented in the Cartulary of Moray in 1190. It was created a Royal Burgh in the 12th century by King David I of Scotland and by that time had a castle on top of the present day Lady Hill to the west of the city.

A blacksmith is a person who creates objects from iron or steel by forging the metal; i.e., by using tools to hammer, bend, and cut. Blacksmiths produce things like wrought iron gates, railings, tools, agricultural implements, cooking utensils, horseshoes and weapons.

Blacksmith Of Elgin
Blacksmith At Work

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