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The Blue Hatchback

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THE BLUE HATCHBACK 32 Bar Reel for 3 Couples in a 4 Couple Set George T Watt

1- 8 1s lead down the middle and back to the top, 1s cast to 2nd place on their own sides while 2s step up 7 and 8
9-12 Lady with the 2s Man with the 3s dance Right Hands across once round 1s pass by the right Shoulder
13-16 Man with the 2s and Lady with the 3s dance Left Hands across finish facing your 1st corner
17-24 Set to your 1st Corner, Set to your Partner, Set to your 2nd Corner 1s face each other in the middle of the Set and Petronella to 2nd place on their own side
25-32 2s; 1s and 3s circle round and back

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, George T Watt 2020)

Dance Information

This dance was composed for Karen Anderson of the Round 'O' Scottish Country Dance Group, Arbroath, to celebrate the purchase of her new car, a Blue Hatchback in March 2013.

Blue Hatchback
Blue Hatchback - 2013

Dance information by the deviser, George T Watt.
Image copyright OSX [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.

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