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Bude's Coming Of Age

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Bude's Coming of Age
Les Burden
Reel   4 x 64 bars   4 Couple Repeat   4 Couple Set   Longwise Set

  1-8   1s cross down through 2nd place into mirror reels of 3 on opposite sides;

  9-12 1s cross down into half figures of 8 across around 2s, all finishing in original places;

13-16 1M cross down into half figure of 8 across around 2L WHILE 1L cross and cast around 2M, finishing 2M1L1M2L in line across, Mn facing down, Ls up;

17-18 2M1L1M2L balance in line;

19-19 2M1L 1M2L turn halfway by the left;

20-20 1L dance down behind Mn WHILE 1M2L turn halfway by the left, WHILE 2s dance up to 1st place;

21-22 1L continue to dance down around 3M to finish facing up between 3s WHILE 1M dance down in front of Ls to finish side by side with partner, right hands joined;

23-24 1s turn halfway by the right to finish 3M1M1L3L in line across, 3M 1L facing down, 1M 3L up;

25-26 3M1M1L3L balance in line;

27-28 3M1M 1L3L turn ¾ by the left, 3s finishing in places;

25-32 1L half figure of 8 across around 3M WHILE 1M cross and cast up around 3L, finishing 2s1s3s4s, 1s on opposite sides;

33-60 repeat bars 1-28 with 3s dancing as 2s, 4s as 3s, 1L as 1M, 1M as 1L, finishing 2s3s1s4s, 1s on opposite sides;

61-62 1L cross down below 4L WHILE 1M cross to finish below 4M, both facing out;

63-64 1s cast up to 4th place WHILE 4s take nearer hands and lead up to 3rd place, finishing 2s3s4s1s, all on own sides.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

This was originally written as a 3-Couple Repeat in a 4-Couple Set format dance with 1s starting the even-numbered repeats from the opposite side. However, that still leaves the standard problem in a dance of that format in which 3s are active on bar 1; there is no time available for them to step up at the beginning of the next, odd-numbered, repeat WHILE the former 1s progress to 4th place of the full set. These modified instructions for bars 63-64 formalize that progression.

20-22 This is essentially fugal with 1L ahead of 1M and 2M ahead of 2L; neither couple should attempt to cover with partner. 2L has to encroach on bar 21 in order to reach 1L's place.

27-28 This is also fugal with 3M ahead of 3L; they should not attempt to cover. 3L has to encroach on bar 29 in order to reach her starting place.

    -64 In all but the final repeat, 4s retain nearer hand hold on reaching 3rd position, ready for the mirror reels of 3 at the beginning of the next repeat.

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Dance Information

Bude is a small seaside resort town in north Cornwall, England, UK; it lies just south of Flexbury and north of Widemouth Bay.

Bude's Coming Of Age
River Neet In The Village Of Bude, Cornwall, UK

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