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The Butterchurn (Dempsey)

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The Butterchurn 32 bar jig for 2 couples in a longwise set Shelagh Dempsey

1-4 1st couple set and cast off, 2nd couple step up on bars 3-4
5-8 2nd and 1st couples turn right hand, ending in allemande hold facing up
9-16 2nd and 1st couples allemande
17-24 1st couple lead down the middle, changing places (1st man dances below 1st woman who dances across under her arm) as they turn to dance back up, to face out in partner's original place
25-28 1st woman and 2nd man turn left hand once and a half while 1st man and 2nd woman turn right hand once and a half
29-32 1st couple dance a half figure of eight around 2nd couple
Repeat having passed a couple

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Shelagh Dempsey, December 2000)

Dance Information

Also see the dance The Butter Churn (McKinnell) by Sue McKinnell.

A Butterchurn is a device used to convert cream into butter, traditionally by turning a crank.

Butterchurn Image
A Butterchurn

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