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The Caledonian Club Centenary Medley

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THE CALEDONIAN CLUB CENTENARY MEDLEY (Caley 100) (M-4x(S16+R16) 4C set James Fairbairn Caledonian Club

1- 8 All petronella turn into centre and set; all petronella turn to opposite sides and set
9-16 1s+2s and 3s+4s circle 4H round to left; all join hands on sides and set and cross RH with partner to own sides. All clap twice on last 2 beats bar 16

17-24 All set (no hands), 1s cross RH and cast to bottom, cross RH to 4th place own sides (2s+3s+4s step up bars 5-6)
25-32 All clap 8 times (4 bars); All turn partners (birl). 2341

(MINICRIB, Dance Crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

THE CALEDONIAN CLUB CENTENARY MEDLEY or CALEY 100 Dance devised by James Fairbairn
16+16 bar strathspey/reel medley for four couples in a longwise set

1-8 All four couples petronella turn to finish in line up and down the dance, all set; All four couples petronella turn to the opposite site, join hands on the side lines and set.
9-16 1s with 2s, 3s with 4s circle once round to the left; finish and join hands on the side lines, set and cross RH to own sides. All four couples clap twice on last two beats of the strathspey - bar eight.

17-24 All four couples set without giving hands; 1c cross RH, cast to end, cross RH to finish own sides in 4th place, 2s, 3s and 4s, joining hands on sidelines, step up on bars 5 and 6.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, James Fairbairn, 2017)
Repeat with new top couple

Dance Notes

Bars 1-8 make the "1" of "100".
Bars 9-12 make the "00" of "100".

Dance Information

This dance, The Caledonian Club Centenary Medley, was devised by James Fairbairn for the 100th anniversary of The Caledonian Club, Belgravia, London, in 2017.

Originally founded in 1891 as a proprietary club, The Caledonian Club as it is today (2019) was formed in 1917 under the energetic leadership of the Marquis Tullibardine. He appealed to Members to make it the representative national club and headquarters for Scots in London. The discrete character of the Club is one of its major attractions, whilst founding aims have continued to be achieved and maintained.

Suggested tunes: Originals to be commissioned, Strathspey - tbc (Scott Skinner), Reel - Caddam Wood.

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Centenary Cake

Dance Information by James Fairbairn.

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