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A Circuit Of Sedbergh

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A Circuit Of Sedbergh (S64+R64) (4C Square) A medley of 64 bars strathspey and 64 bars reel for four couples in a square set. Murrough Landon

1-4 All dance half an interlocking reel of four, starting by passing their partner right shoulder and end facing partner again after a second left shoulder pass.
5-8 All turn their partner by the right hand once round and end facing them.
9-16 All repeat bars 1-8 but turn one and quarter times so the men end with their backs to the centre facing their partners who are on the sides.
17-20 The men dance four bars of hello goodbye setting: first setting to partners, then to each other diagonally across the set and end facing the next woman. The women keep setting for the whole four bars.
21-24 All turn one and a half times by the right hand so the women end back to back.
25-32 The women repeat bars 17-24 but turn their partners only one and a quarter times to end facing in on the sides in the order 2,3,4,1.
33-40 All dance set and link for two couples. The men pull right should back to end facing in on the diagonals, 1st man beside 4th woman, etc. Repeat the set and link with that person to end on the sidelines with the women back in their original places opposite their partners who have now progressed two places. After the second set and link the men stay facing out.
41-44 All dance half a double ladies chain to end facing partners in the order 3,4,1,2.
45-48 All set and turn partners by the right hand to end with the women facing out.
49-56 All dance Schiehallion reels half way round the set to return to original places.
57-64 All turn into allemande hold facing anticlockwise and dance round the set back to place.
65-128 Repeat bars 1-64 in reel time.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA June 2017)

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Dance Information

Sedbergh is a little town on the western edge of the Yorkshire Dales with a big school and lots of second hand bookshops. Thanks to local resident Gina Barney (among others) it was the venue for the 2017 Gay Gordons dance week.

The dance actually has several different circuits of the town, admiring its history, architecture and the surrounding hills, ending back home (with a good book) after 64 bars of strathspey, ready to repeat in reel time.

Recommended Music: Corrievreckan by Marian Anderson and her SDB (Dancer's Choice 1), Schiehallion, Solway Sailor, 1314.

A Circuit Of Sedbergh
Main Street, Sedbergh, Yorkshire

Dance information by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA June 2017.
Image copyright Alexander P Kapp under this Creative Commons Licence 2.0.

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