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CORSTORPHINE FAIR (J4x40) 4C set Margaret Hunter

1- 8 All circle 8H round and back
9-16 1s followed by 2s+3s+4s cast to bottom, cross and dance up on opposite sides
17-24 All (facing up) slip step sideways into centre (Ladies pass in front of Men), advance with partner and retire, slip step sideways back
25-32 1L crosses diagonally RH with 2M, LH with 3L, RH with 4M, all clap and turn on spot
33-40 1M crosses diagonally LH with 2L, RH with 3M, LH with 4L, all clap and turn on spot

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Dance Information

This jig, Corstorphine Fair, was devised by Margaret Hunter who used to teach classes for RSCDS Edinburgh branch.

Corstorphine Fair is held in St Margaret's Park which lies alongside Corstorphine High Street, Corstorphine, Edinburgh, Scotland.

Corstorphine is a village and parish to the west of Edinburgh, now considered a suburb of that city.

The earliest known form of the name is Crostorfin, recorded in 1128. This possibly means 'Torfin's crossing'; in ancient times, much of the land in the area consisted of small lochs and marshes, with Corstorphine situated at an ideal crossing point.

Old Corstorphine stood on a piece of dry land, between two lochs, the Gogar Loch and Corstorphine Loch, though both have now been drained.

Corstorphine Fair, Scotland
Corstorphine Fair In Full Swing, St Margaret's Park

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