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Counterpoint 8x32 Strathspey for 3C by Sue McKinnell

1-8 1C dance in toward each other, then turn away and cast to 2nd place; 2C step up on bars 3-4. 1C dance down between 3C and cast up to 2nd place on own sides.
9-16 1C with 2M and 3W (1st corners) dance RH across once round
WHILE 2W and 3M dance CCW around set to opposite position. 1C with 2W and 3M (2nd corners) dance LH across once round
WHILE 3W and 2M dance CW around set to opposite position. (Each time, the dancers dancing around the outside of the set begin by dancing across the ends of the set, then up or down the opposite side.)
17-24 1C dance diagonal rights and lefts with 2C and 3C, 1W up and 1M down.
25-32 2C, 1C, and 3C set on the sides, turn partner both hands twice round, then set on the sides.


(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue McKinnell, Jul 2001)

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Dance Information

The word Counterpoint means a complementing or contrasting item, writing, or playing a melody (or melodies) in conjunction with another, to emphasize by contrast. Something that forms a pleasing or notable contrast to something else.

In music, counterpoint is the relationship between two or more musical lines (or voices) which are harmonically interdependent yet independent in rhythm and melodic contour. It has been most commonly identified in the European classical tradition, strongly developing during the Renaissance and in much of the common practice period, especially in the Baroque.

The term originates from the Latin punctus contra punctum meaning "point against point", i.e. "note against note".

Suggested music for this dance is Gang The Same Gate by Green Ginger.

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