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Dance Best That Dances Fast

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Dance Best that Dances Fast
Maggie and Duncan Keppie Haliburton School Of Arts SCD Book 1: Tenth Anniversary Book
6/8x32 bar Jig
2-couple dance in 3- or 4-couple longways set

  1-4   TURN INTO LINE OF 3: 1st man and 2nd woman turn ¾ with right hands ending with 1st man in the middle facing up and joining 2nd man with left hands and raising hands to make two arches;

  5-8   1ST WOMAN THRO' ARCHES: 1st woman dances down through arch between 1st man and 2nd woman, around behind her partner, and up though arch between 1st and 2nd men ending above and to the right of her partner with whom she joins hands in promenade hold facing up;

  9-16 PROMENADE REEL OF 3: 1st couple (in promenade hold) dance a reel of 3 with 2nd couple (start by passing 2nd woman by the right shoulder);

17-24 SLIP DOWN MIDDLE, SET, UP, AND SET: 1st couple both hands joined slip down middle (2 bars), set (1st man Pas de Basque left and then right)(2 bars), slip up middle (2 bars), and set (1st woman Pas de Basque left and then right) AS 2nd couple step into middle and join both hands (2 bars);

25-33 ANCIENT POUSSETTE: 1st and 2nd couples dance 1½ anticlockwise around a diamond and out to progressed places: i.e. dance out to side with ¼ clockwise turn at end with 1st couple going to men's side, 2nd couple towards women's side (1 bar), dance into center with ¼ turn (1 bar), dance out to opposite side with ¼ turn (1 bar), dance into center with ¼ turn (1 bar), dance out to side with ¼ turn (1 bar), dance into center with ¼ turn (1 bar), continue turning ⅜ around (1 bar), and retire to own side having progressed on place (1 bar) - N.B..a sideways skip change of step is used throughout this poussette and 1st woman and 2nd man start with their left foot.

Repeat from 2nd place.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

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