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A Dance For Susi

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A Dance For Susi (S3x32) 3C set Malcolm Brown World Wide Weavings RSCDS IB

1-8 1s+2s dance half double figure of eight (1s crossing down); 1s+2s Set&Link. (2)(1)3
9-16 1s+3s dance half double figure of eight (1s crossing down); 1s+3s Set&Link. (2)(3)1
17-24 Rose Progression- 3M+1M cross RH, dance clockwise (one place), and exchange places by: ½ turn 2H, face and pull RS back (twirl) to cast back into the other's place WHILE 3L1L set, ½ turn 2H, face and pull RS back (twirl) to cast back into the other's place, and dance clockwise (one place). (2)1(3)
25-32 2L1L 1M3M ½ diagonal R&L; 2M1L 1M3L ½ diagonal R&L. 312

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Dance Notes

21-22 The dancing men pass the casting ladies by the right.

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Dance Information

Susi Mayr was an Austrian Scottish step and country dancing teacher and dancer.

She co-founded the Vienna Branch of the RSCDS in 1989 and was the "driving force" in the establishment of the RSCDS International Branch (established for those Scottish Country dancers who do not have a local branch).

Susi was admired for her dancing, teaching, straight-forward manner, loyalty and drive. Her friends described her as a "polymath" - Susi was also a computer scientist, multi-lingual, a translator, a trainer, an expert in opera and a harpist.

Here is a video of Susi Mayr Performing A Ladies Step Dance at St Andrews friday night ceilidh 2008.

She enjoyed many international contacts and dancing friends and the one-off Kaleidoscope SCD Conference in Geneva in 2009 was her brain-child. On her early death in 2012 the Susi Mayr Memorial Fund was set up by the RSCDS International Branch.

Dance For Susi - Vienna State Opera Image
Vienna State Opera House

Image Copyright Pallasathena (elage, selbst fotografiert) [CC BY-SA 2.0 de (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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