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A Day At The Beach

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A DAY AT THE BEACH 8x32 Reel 3C (4C)Set Patrick Carter.

1 - 8 1st couple Set, cross giving right hands, and cast off one place, (second couple step up on bars 3 and 4) then, giving left hands turn to end facing first corners.
9 - 10 1st couple change places with first corners, giving right hands.
11 - 12 1st corners (2nd man and 3rd woman), giving left hands, turn to finish with 2nd man facing 1st woman's original position and 3rd woman facing 3rd man's original position. WHILE 1st couple, 3rd man and 2nd woman dance one position clockwise
13 - 14 First corners (2nd man and 3rd woman) and 1st couple change places, giving right hands.
15 - 16 1st couple turn left hands to finish facing their first corner positions. WHILE corners dance on one position clockwise.
17 - 24 1st couple dance Half Diagonal Right shoulder reel with first corners and pass each other right shoulder in the middle, and then dance Half Diagonal Right Shoulder Reel with second corner to end in second place on opposite sides.
25 - 32 1st couple petronella turn into the center then set pulling back right shoulder to end facing out the ends of the set. 1st couple then, giving left shoulder, dance round partner's second corner position (3rd corner) to end in second place on own sides.

Repeat, having passed a couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Patrick Carter)

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A Day At The Beach - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This reel, A Day At The Beach, was devised by Patrick Carter (aged 10) and member of CSCDS Inc. who wrote the dance on the way to the beach.

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