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The Day Of Dance (R4x32) 4C set Sue Petyt

1-4 First and third couples, right hands joined lead down the middle of the set, second and fourth couples step up on bars 3 and 4
5-8 First and third couples lead up and finish with the first couple back to back between the second couple, (first man facing second man and first lady facing second lady) and third couple back to back between fourth couple (third man facing fourth man and third lady facing fourth lady)
9-16 All dance right shoulder reels of 4 across the dance, finishing back where the reel started but first and third couples turn left hand (instead of passing left shoulder) to finish on own side facing up
17-22 First couple cast to fourth place and third couple dance up to the top of the set and cast to second place
23-24 All set
25-32 All four couples turn their partner with the right hand and set twice

Repeat from new positions

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Sue Petyt, 2011)

Dance Notes

Although this is a 4 couple dance, it could be danced in a 3 couple set with just the first couple dancing down the middle, and the first and second couples dancing the reel. First couple would cast to third place and a new first couple would start the next time through.

(Dance notes by the deviser, Sue Petyt)

Dance Information

Written for the Children's Day of Dance held on May 28th 2011 in Dumfries which was led by Louise MacDougall and organised by the Dumfries Branch of the RSCDS with children's class teacher Jo Oliver.

(Dance information by the deviser, Sue Petyt)

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