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Dianne's Smile

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Dianne's Smile (S4x48) Sq.Set May MacFarlane Tayside Dance Collection Vol 3

1-8 All four couples dance eight hands round and back.
9-16 All four couples dance back to back with partners, then, giving right hands, turn partners one and a half times. Finish with the women facing in and the men facing out.
17-24 All four women dance four hands round, set, pull right shoulders back and dance out to original places to face out. As: All four men dance round clockwise to finish in their original places.
25-40 All four couples dance Schiehallion Reels.
41-44 All four couples, giving right hands, turn their partners, once round.
45-48 First couple with second couple and third couple with fourth couples dance half rights and lefts. (Note: 1st and 3rd couples progress clockwise. 2nd and 4th couples progress counter-clockwise.)

Repeat with a new top couple.
The second time through, the couples in first and fourth place and the couples in second and third place dance half rights and lefts.

Repeat bars 1-96, once more.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, May MacFarlane)

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Dance Information

This strathspey, Dianne's Smile, was devised by May MacFarlane for her friend, Dianne Lask.

(Dance information by the deviser, May MacFarlane)

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