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Eileen Rumble MBE

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Eileen Rumble MBE
Michael McManamon   Fowlis SCD Group, 2014
Jig   4 x 64 bars   4 Couple Repeat   4 Couple Set   Longwise Set

  1-8   2s and 3s dance figure of 8 around couples above/below (2s with 1s and 3s with 4s)

  9-16 All set, advance for 2, retire for 2, all set

17-24 1s dance ½ RHA with 2s, ½ LHA with 4s, and RHA (once round) with 3s: while 4s dance ½ RHA with 3s, ½ LHA with 1s, and RHA (once round) with 2s

25-28  1s with 4s dance ½ LHA, 1s dance ½ RHA with 2s while 4s dance ½ RHA with 3s (1234)

29-30 All set

29-32 1s turn by left hand to finish back to back between 2s who move up 1 place (1M facing 2M, 1L facing 2L), while 4s turn left hand to finish back to back between 3s who move down 1 place (4M facing 3M, 4L facing 3L)

33-40 1s+2s dance Reel of 4 across, 1s RSh to 2s (M to M, L to L); while 4s dance reel of 4 across with 3s, 4s RSh to 3s (M to M, L to L); 1s and 4s finish the reel side by side facing down with M on L's left

41-48 With nearer hands joined and men on ladies side of set, 4s, followed by 1s, dance down for 4, and dance back for 4, finish back to back, in middle of set, 1s in 2nd place facing up and 4s in 3rd place facing down

49-52 With nearer hands joined 1s and 4s set to corners and turn corners with free hand (hand nearest outside of set) as follows :- 1s set to 2s, 1L turns 2M LH to end 2nd place on man's side, while 1M turns 2L RH to end 2nd place on ladies' side: while 4s set to 3s, 4L turns 3M RH to end 3nd place on man's side, while 4 M turns 3L LH to end 3rd place on ladies' side 2(1)(4)3

53-56 1s and 4s dance ½ Rights and Lefts 2413

57-64 All circle left round and back.

(Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by the deviser, Michael McManamon)

Dance Information

Music: The MBE Jig by Brian J McA Rumble.

Eileen Rumble MBE dance was devised by Michael McManamon, with refinements by Rhoda Hodgson and fellow members of Fowlis SCD Group and Rae Farrow, to mark Eileen's MBE award for services to embroidery.

Embroidery and Eileen's honour are represented in the dance:-

  1-40 Dancers making intricate patterns with their feet as in embroidery!

41-48 Going to receive the award and returning.

49-56 Showing the award to family and friends and enjoying their congratulations.

57-64 Celebrating.

Embroidery Image
Rosslyn Chapel Embroidered Panel From The Great Tapestry Of Scotland

Dance Information by the deviser, Michael McManamon.
Image Copyright Margaret Ferguson Burns (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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