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ENTENTE FLORALE (J5x48) 5C set John Drewry Bankhead Book 4

1- 8 All set, 1s+2s also 4s+5s Petronella-in-tandem (skip change steps) to opposite side while 3s cast and dance clockwise through end couples to opposite side
9-16 All set, 2s+1s also 5s+4s dance RH across ½ way while 3s cross RH and all turn partner RH
17-24 1s and 3s set, cross RH, cast down 1 place and turn partner RH 1¼ times to face 1st corner
25-28 1s and 3s dance RSh round 1st corner while corners advance to hold RH as Ladies dance under Men's arm and retire to places, 1s and 3s pass RSh to end in line in centre of set facing opposite sides (RSh to RSh)
29-32 1M+2s also 3L+5s dance LH across while 1L+3M ¾ turn LH to end between 4s and Balance-in-Line across
33-40 1M followed by 2M+2L chase down behind 4L to bottom of set and loop round as 3L followed by 5L+5M dance behind 4M to top and loop round while 1L+4L also 4M+3M turns RH and join in chase (1L behind 2L and 3M behind 5M) to form 1 large circle (53412) and all dance clockwise for 4 steps
41-48 All circle 10H round to Left for 4 steps, set (retaining hands) and 8 steps back to right. (53412)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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The Entente Florale is an international horticultural competition established to recognise municipalities and villages in Europe for excellence in horticultural displays.

Trophies are presented annually by tourist boards and horticultural societies of European countries. There are two categories: "Towns/Cities" (population 10,001 and upwards), and "Villages" (population up to 10,000).

Entente Florale
Forres, Scotland - Entente Florale Villages Gold Award For UK 2009

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