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Farewell To Tawa

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Farewell To Tawa (S3x32) 3C set by Maureen Robson

1-8 First second and third couples dance reels of three on the side, taking hands as they dance out top and bottom of the set. First couple dance out and down, third couple dance out and up while on bars 1 and 2 second couple cross to first place on the opposite side giving left hand and continue to reel. On bars 5 and 6 second man leads his partner left hand across to third position on own sides. They complete the reel and finish facing first corners. First and third couples dance into place the long way round.
9-10 Second couple set to first corners.
11-16 Second couple cast, dance round third corner positions and into the middle - second man down between first place and second woman up between third place, dance round each other by the right to finish back to back facing second corners while first corners turn right hand half way, release hand then cast to opposite corner positions and set.
17-18 Second couple set to second corners.
19-22 Second couple cast, dance out to fourth corner positions and into own sidelines - second man up and second woman down to finish with second couple in second place on own sides while second corners turn right hand half way, release hand then cast to opposite corner positions
23-24 All set.
25-28 All cross right hand and set.
29-32 Second couple lead up right hand, cross over and cast round third couple, dance down the sidelines to third place followed by first couple who dance up and cast off to second place. Finish in the order 3 1 2.

Repeat from new positions.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Maureen Robson, Oct 2019)

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Farewell To Tawa - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, Farewell To Tawa, was devised on 16 October 2019 to note the end of my time of teaching at Tawa club.

Recommended Music: Agnes and Bobby Crowe on 15 Social Dances devised by Roy Goldring played by Muriel Johnstone and her Band.

Tawa Main Street
Tawa Main Street, Wellington, New Zealand

Published in Farewell To Tawa video on Youtube.
Dance information by the deviser, Maureen Robson.
Dance information from Farewell To Tawa video on Youtube.
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