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Heather Ross MacDonald

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HEATHER ROSS MACDONALD (32 bar strathspey for 3 couples) Joop Feijtel, The Delft Book Of Scottish Country Dances

1-8 1st couple set, cast off one place (2nd couple move up); then 1st couple dance a half figure of eight round 2nd couple.
9-16 1st couple continue a half figure of eight round 3rd couple; then 1st couple set and turn partner giving right hands to finish facing 1st corners.
17-24 1st couple dance 'corners Pass&Turn' with 1st corners; repeat with 2nd corners to finish back to back in the middle, 1st man facing up, 1st lady facing down.
25-32 1st couple dance reels of three with their corners (giving right shoulder to 2nd corners to begin) [6], then 1st couple cross over giving right hands [2].
Repeat, having passed a couple.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Joop Feijtel, Gouda, March 1991)

Dance Notes

[Number of bars]

Corners pass and turn:-
1st couple change places with 1st corners (without giving hands) passing right shoulder [1], 1st couple dance round 1st corner's place back into the middle and turn partner right hand to finish facing 2nd corners - while 1st corners turn each other right hand once round and dance back to places [3]. 1st couple repeat previous 4 bars with 2nd corners.

Dance Information

Dance devised for Heather Ross MacDonald.

Recommended music: The Old Man Will Never Die, Lady Ann Hope, The Miller O' Hirn and Glenlivet (pronounced "glen-liv-it") as played by Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Country Dance Band for the dance "Bridge of Nairn".

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