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Helen Brown 32 bar Strathspey for 4 couples Rod Downey The Golden Bear Collection
A 4 couple 32 bar Strathspey.

1-4 First and fourth couples cross Rh and cast into second and 3rd places respectively. the other couples step up/down on bars 3 and 4.
5-8 First and fourth couples dance four hands round all pulling back right shoulder on bar 8 to finish with 4C having nearer hands joined and facing 3rd lady, and 1C facing 2M similarly.
9-16 1C and 4C dance separated hello-goodbye setting: To wit (described for 4C, 1C is similar with lady in front):
 9-16 (4M's track) 4M dances 6 bats of hello goodbye setting, and then sets with 4L to 2W on bars 15 and 16.
 9-16 (4W's track) 4W sets to 3W on bars 9 and 10, then dances 6 bars of hello goodbye setting.
17-24 In tandem (without lead change) 4C dances a reel of 3 across with 2C beginning by giving left shoulder to 2M. They finish the reel by dancing directly across the set in second place, to finish in second place on own sides. 1C similarly, beginning by giving left shoulder to 3W.
25-28 1C, 4C dance 4 hands across with the left hand.
29-32 1C with 3C, 4C with 2C dance 4 hands across RH.

Repeat 3 times.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser Rod Downey, Johnsonville SCD Club Tutor)

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Helen Brown - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This strathspey, Helen Brown, was devised on 1/7/2018 and presented at "Downey Day of Dance, 2018".

Given to Helen Brown for all her work for the York Branch and her (and Malcolm's) hospitality to Kristin and I.

Recommended music is "The Bob O' Dowally", and either of the recordings for Book 2 by Bobby Crowe would be good.

Lacking this a strong strathspey should be used (not an Air or Pastoral).

(Dance information from The Golden Bear Collection Of Scottish Country Dances, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Rod Downey)

Published in The Golden Bear Collection, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Rod Downey.

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