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The Hidden Heart

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The Hidden Heart (S80) (4C Square) An 80 bar strathspey for four couples in a square set. Murrough Landon

1-4 1st and 3rd couples half turn partners with both hands and open out to face the other couple in the centre (similar to the tourbillon) where they set to each other.
5-8 1st and 3rd couples turn the opposite person with both hands and open out to the sides (men to original places, women opposite original places) where they set.
9-16 1st and 3rd couples dance half a men's chain, with the women casting into their loop. Both couples end taking promenade hold and then dance back to original places passing right shoulder in the centre.
17-32 2nd and 4th couples repeat bars 1-16.
33-36 All set and link for two couples on the sides to end facing the corner person.
37-44 All dance a Bourrel-like sequence around the square:
- Set advancing, passing the corner person left shoulder to face the next person.
- Half turn them with both hands and twirl away to face the next person.
- Set advancing, passing that person left shoulder to face partners.
- Turn partners with both hands once round and end facing them.
45-48 All dance half an interlocking reel of four starting by giving right shoulder to partners and end back in original places after a second left shoulder pass.
49-52 All dance back to back with partner, starting by passing right shoulder.
53-56 The men dance left hands across back to place facing partner.
57-64 Repeat 49-56 starting left shoulder, then the women dance right hands across.
65-72 All circle eight hands round to the left and back.
73-78 All turn partners both hands, set on the sides then all join hands and advance.
79-80 All form a heart shape: 1st couple turn slightly away to face 2nd/4th couple with hands pointing forward while 3rd couple retire turning slightly towards each other pointing hands backwards while 2nd and 4th couples retire keeping hands curved with 1st couple. 1st couple make the final bow to 2nd/4th couples.

(Dance Crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA Sep 2017)

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The Hidden Heart - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

A dance to celebrate David Quarrie's 70th birthday. After many years of energetic dancing, David's sporran wore a small hole in his kilt. This was neatly repaired by costume designer Marina Harrington with a (normally hidden) heart shaped patch.

Recommended Music:
- As for Robertson Rant or similar dances.

(Dance Information compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA Sep 2017)

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