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JULIET'S REEL (R8X32) 3C (4C set) Janet Favel Southern Skies Collection, RSCDS NZ

1- 8 1L set, cast (2L up); 1L dance LSh round 3L while 1M set, cast (2M up) (2,1,3)
9-16 Reels of 3 on sidelines, 1s RSh to 4th corners to start, 2L facing out at end
17-24 1L+2s RHA while 1M dance RSh round 3M; 1L+3s LHA while 1M+2s LHA (2,1,3)
25-32 All advance and retire; 1s turn RH

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Dance Information

This dance was inspired by Louise, a member of the deviser's club, who dreamed that she and her husband were in a demo team to dance Juliet's Reel.

Her husband was late for the demo and arrived at the end of bar 4. That is why he is 4 bars behind all the way through the dance - until they finally get together on bars 29-32.

The deviser thought that was such a good story that there had to be a dance called Juliet's Reel.

Juliet's Reel is from the RSCDS New Zealand Branch Inc. book, Southern Skies.

Southern Skies Image
Southern Skies
Looking South West, Gibbous Moon Sky With Alpha And Beta Centauri And The Southern Cross.

Dance Information by the deviser, Janet Favel.
Image Copyright Westernport [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons.

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