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KANDAHAR REEL (R5x32) 4C (5C set) A and R Colquhoun The Kandahar Reel

1- 8 1s set and ½ turn 2H, 1s set and turn 2s RH, 1s finishing in partner's place. (1)2345
9-16 1s dance a modified Snowball Grand Chain for 4 couples:
 9 1s change places with 2s RH on sides
 10 1s change places with 3s LH as 2s cross LH
 11 1s change places with 4s RH as 2s+3s change places RH on sides. 3(2)4(1)5
 12 2s and 1s dance in to take Tulloch turn holds (LSh to LSh and RH behind backs)
 13-16 2s and 1s dance anticlockwise Tulloch turns finishing facing up on opposite sides. 3(2)4(1)5
17-24 3s+2s also 4s+1s dance RH across 1½ times, 3s+1s dance LH across 1½ times. 2(1)3(4)5
25-32 2s+1s also 3s+4s dance RH across 1½ times, 1s+2s+4s+3s set then 2s and 3s cross up RH as 1s and 4s cast 1 place. 21345
1s dance down to bottom as new 1st couple start (5s step up)

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

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Note that there are many versions of this dance.

The Kandahar Reel was devised in 2009 by two serving army officers of The Black Watch while on active service in the Kandahar Region of Afghanistan as a tribute to their fallen comrades.

The 'hands across' symbolises the blades of the helicopters, team work and offering a helping hand as they board the helicopter are also included and the figures are performed at 1½ times the normal speed as soldiers are constantly asked to give 150%.

Mausoleum Of Baba Wali, Kandahar

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