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KYLE CASTLE (S4x32) 4C set Murrough Landon 2017

1- 8 Extended Espagnole (4 couples):
   1-2 1L+2L also 3L+4L lead RH across to opposite sides and cross while 2M+3M lead LH to opposite sides and cross while 1M and 4M cross singly (Ladies 2143 on Men's side, Men: 1324 on Ladies' side)
   3-8 Repeat 3 more times from new positions. 4321
9-16 3s turn 1½ LH while 2s turn 1½ RH (4 bars). 4s+3s also 2s+1s Set&Link. (3)41(2)
17-24 4s+1s dance LH across while 3s and 2s chase ½ round clockwise. 2s+4c and 1s+3s dance RH across. 2413
25-32 RSh Reels of 4 on the sides, 4M+1M end with ½ LH turn, retaining hands ready for repeat. 2413

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Kyle Castle (S4x32) A 32 bar strathspey for four couples in a longwise set. Murrough Landon.

1-2 Extended Espagnole for 4 couples: 1st woman with 2nd woman also 3rd woman with 4th woman lead by the right hand to the opposite sides and cross while 2nd man with 3rd man lead by the left hand to the opposite sides and cross while 1st and 4th men dance across singly. End with all the women on the men's side in the order 2,1,4,3 and all the men on the women's side in the order 1,3,2,4.
3-8 Repeat the figure three more times from new positions, always using right hands on the women's side and left hands on the men's side. All finish back on their own sides opposite their partners in the order 4,3,2,1.
9-12 3rd couple (in 2nd place) turn by the left hand one and a half times while 2nd couple (in 3rd place) turn by the right hand one and a half times.
13-16 4th and 3rd couples also separately 2nd and 1st couples dance set and link for two couples to end in the order 3,4,1,2 with 3rd and 2nd couples on opposite sides. Those who had their left hand free for the set and link (3rd and 4th men, 1st and 2nd women) do not turn to face in but stay facing out.
17-20 4th and 1st couples dance left hands across while 3rd and 2nd couples chase clockwise half way round the set.
21-24 2nd and 4th couples also 1st and 3rd couples dance right hands across and end facing up and down on the sidelines.
25-32 All dance parallel right shoulder reels on the sides. In the last bar, for the easiest flow into the repeat, 4th and 1st men half turn by the left hand and retain hands (instead of passing left shoulders) while 2nd and 3rd women finish with extra loops but 2nd and 3rd men omit them. The progressed order is 2,4,1,3.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA May 2017)

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Dance Information

This dance, Kyle Castle, is dedicated to Roy Southall whose Scottish ancestors lived in Ayrshire near Kyle Castle.

Recommended Music: James Gray's Strathspey. Ideally in the recording by James Gray in Set of Strathspeys from his album Piano Dance (track 10).

Kyle Castle
Roy By The Last Remains Of Kyle Castle

Dance information by the deviser, Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA Jun 2017.
Image copyright Murrough Landon, CC BY-SA May 2017.

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