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Lands Of Kippo

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Lands of Kippo
Maggie and Duncan Keppie   Gaelic College SCD Book 8: The Handy Dozen
32 bar Strathspey
2-couple Round The Room dance, women in outer circle, men in inner circle

  1-8   SET, CIRCLE, TURN AND CIRCLE: nearer hands joined with partner set to opposite couple, four hands halfway round to left (2 steps), turn partner with both hands once around (2 steps), and four hands halfway round to left (2 steps);

  9-16 HAND-IN-HAND REEL OF 3: Nearer hands joined with partner, dance Hand-in-Hand Reel of 3 starting by passing opposite couple by the right shoulder then the next couple by the left, then pulling left shoulders back and changing hands, reel back to original places;

17-20 SET AND MEN BETWEEN WOMEN: nearer hands joined with partner, set to opposite couple, then men joining nearer hands dance between women who cast into partner's places;

21-24 WOMEN BETWEEN MEN AND TURN PARTNER INTO GORDON HOLD: men cast back towards original places AS women (nearer hands joined) dance between men but offer other hand to partner to turn 1ΒΌ times ending with women turning under partner's arm into Gordon hold (as in Gay Gordons) facing opposite couple;

25-32 KEPPOCH:
Bars 25-28: 1st and 2nd couples dance forward on right, hop, backward on left, hop (as in the 1st bar of the Glasgow Highlanders setting step), then travel forward diagonally to the right (1 bar), forward on left, hop, backward on right, hop (as in the 3rd bar of the Glasgow Highlanders setting step), then travel forward diagonally to the left (1 bar): couples have now changed places, men passing left shoulders, and are now back-to-back;
Bars 29-32: dropping front hands, turn once to end on own side.

Repeat with next couple round the circle.

(Dance crib compiled by the devisers, Maggie and Duncan Keppie)

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