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THE LOMOND WALTZ (W32) Round The Room
All couples in a circle around the room, the Man with his back to the centre, Lady facing the Man. Couples progress in an anticlockwise direction.
Couples take waltz hold.
Man leads. The Lady's steps are on the opposite feet to the Man's so that she mirrors his moves.

1- 8 Each couple will dance a small square in their own space as follows:
 Man takes 2 steps to the Left (Lady to the Right)
 Man takes 2 steps Back (Lady Forward)
 Man takes 2 steps Right (Lady to the Left)
 Man takes 2 steps Forward (Lady Back)
9-12 Couple half turn to end back to back touching hands, then half turn again (so that they've done a full turn) to face each other and touch hands
13-14 Couple take both hands and step in towards each other with Man stepping more to the Right so that Lady moves slightly more to his Left side
15-16 Couple step away from each other then Man turns Lady under his Left arm to exchange places (Lady ends with her back to centre of the circle)
17-20 Repeat bars 13-16 to end in original places (i.e. with Man's back to the centre)
21-24 Man steps to Left (Lady to Right) then onto his Right foot by crossing it over his Left (Lady onto Left foot by crossing it over her Right) then Points with his Left foot to the Left side (Lady Right foot to Right) and then closes Left foot to the Right (Lady closes Right foot to Left)
25-28 Man and Lady repeat bars 21-24 in opposite direction: Man steps to Right (Lady to Left) then onto his Left foot by crossing it over his Right (Lady onto Right foot by crossing it over her Left) then Points with his Right foot to the Right side (Lady Left foot to Left) and then closes Right foot to the Left (Lady closes Left foot to Right)
29-32 Each couple do 2 waltz turns, or 3 if they are up to it, progressing anticlockwise as they waltz.


Dance Notes

Each repetition takes 32 bars. Couples neither overtake nor waltz around each other. They are in the same order in the circle as they started the dance.

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The Lomond Waltz - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

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