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A LONDON CELEBRATION (R32) Round the Room Ann Dix 2012
Round the Room Dance, 2 facing 2 (1s face clockwise, 2s face anticlockwise)

1- 8 1s+2s circle 4H round and back
9-16 1s+2s dance RH across, LH across
17-24 Ladies advance and retire; Men advance and retire
25-32 1M+2L also 1L+2M dance DoSiDo; couples take promenade hold and pass opposite couple LSh to meet new couple

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

A London Celebration
Ann Dix 2012
Reel n x 32 bars 2 Couple  Repeat 2 Couple  Set Progressive Round the Room Set
With each L on partner's right, 1s face clockwise, 2s anticlockwise, around the room.

  1-8   1s2s 4 hands round to the left and back;

  9-16 1s2s 4 hands across and back;

17-20 1L2L advance and retire;

21-24 1M2M advance and retire;

25-28 1M2L 1L2M dos-à-dos;

29-32 1s 2s take promenade hold, advance, pass giving left shoulder and advance to meet a new couple.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

If there is an odd number of couples, each solitary couple should stand in the full, round the room, set and wait once through for the next couple to approach.
If there is only room for a line of dancers, the couples reaching the end turn half way by the right, face back and wait once through for the next couple to approach.

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A London Celebration - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This reel, A London Celebration, was chosen by the RSCDS London Branch to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of HM Queen Elizabeth II and the London Olympics in 2012.

London Celebration
London Celebration
Summer Olympics Opening Ceremony Fireworks Tower Bridge, 2012

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