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LOVE IS IN THE AIR (J8X48) 3C (4C set) Violaine Eysseric 2018

1- 8 1M+2M+3M clap while 1L+2L+3L turn around their partner (passing RSh), twirl in front of them and go back to their place. All set
9-16 2s do the Figure of Love to form two inverted hearts:
   2L crosses up and casts down 1 place, while 2M crosses down and casts up 1 place. 2s meet in the middle, touch both hands and twirl (LSh back). 2L casts off (behind 3M) and crosses back to original place, while 2M casts up (behind 1L) and crosses back to place
17-24 1s set advancing (passing RSh), then turn both hands (about ¾ turn), at the end of the turn, 1L passes under 1M's arm. 1L casts off 1 place behind 2M while 1M casts off 1 place behind 2L (2s step up): 1s meet in second place, in the middle of the set, turn without hands (passing LSh) and swivel left to face 1st corners
25-32 1s set and turn 1st corner both hands, repeat with 2nd corner
33-40 Reels on opposite side (LSh to 1 corners). 1s turn in the middle without hands (passing RSh) and swivel right to face their 1st corner
41-48 1s set to Corners and Partner (on the last petronella, all clap)


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