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The Lunar Society Reel
32-Bar Reel For 3 Couples In A 4 Couple Set, Devised By Kenneth J Reid, Published In "Platinum Dance Book (Birmingham)", 2017.

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The Lunar Society Reel - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

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The Lunar Society of Birmingham was a dinner club and informal learned society of prominent figures in the Midlands Enlightenment, including industrialists, natural philosophers and intellectuals, who met regularly between 1765 and 1813 in Birmingham, England.

The name "Lunar Society" arose because the society would meet during the full moon, as the extra light made the journey home easier and safer in the absence of street lighting.

Fourteen individuals have been identified as having verifiably attended Lunar Society meetings regularly over a long period during its most productive eras: these are Matthew Boulton, Erasmus Darwin, Thomas Day, Richard Lovell Edgeworth, Samuel Galton, Jr., James Keir, Joseph Priestley, William Small, Jonathan Stokes, James Watt, Josiah Wedgwood, John Whitehurst and William Withering.

Lunar Society Members Statue Image
Lunar Society Members Statue, Birmingham, England, 2006

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