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MAKO's Blanket

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MAKO'S BLANKET (R8x32) 3C (4C set) Gaye Collin Dance Book 5

1- 4 1L+3M change places RH, cast to right, 1L to 2nd place opposite side, 3M to 2nd place opposite side while Bar 3, 2M follows 1L to 3rd place facing up and 2L follows 3M to 1st place facing down
5- 8 1L+2M also 3M+2L ½ turn RH and they set
9-16 1M+3L repeat, changing places LH, casting left (followed by 2M and 2L), 1M+2L and 3L+2M ½ turn LH and they set. (3)2(1)
17-24 3s (at top) cross RH, cast (2s step up); 1s (3rd place) cross RH and cast up 1 place (3s step down). 213
25-32 2s+1s+3s advance and retire; all turn partner RH

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Mako's Blanket 32bar Reel for 3Cs in a 4C set.

1-4 1W+3M change places RH and cast to their Right finishing 1W facing DOWN in 2nd place, and 3M facing UP in 2nd place.
MEANWHILE, on bar 3, 2M follows 1W, finishing facing up in 3rd place (while 2W does likewise, finishing facing down in 1st place).
5-8 1W+2M, and 3M+2W half turn RH, face inwards and set.
9-16 Repeat bars 1-8 BUT this time it's 1M+3W changing places using LH, and casting to the left, half turning LH then setting.
17-24 3C (in top place), cross RH and cast off one place (2C step up 19+20). 1C, (in 3rd place), cross RH and Cast Up, one place (3C step down 23+24).
25-32 2+1+3Cs advance and retire and turn partner RH.

Repeat from second place. However, second time through, 1C on bars 28-32 need to do a 2-bar turn and cast to the bottom of the set, while 4C turn moving up to finish in 3rd place.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Gaye Collin, 2023)

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Dance Information

In August 2021 Damon and I had a 2-week MIQ experiences in the Grand Millennium in Auckland. We were returning home from Australia and with Covid still a big problem we were required to quarantine to make sure we were not bringing Covid into the country. During this time, I started knitting a car-seat blanket for our great nephew Max. Later in 2021 I knitted three more car-seat blankets for, Asher, Karolyn, and Oliver.

Taking all the first letters of these cute baby's spells Mako, hence the name of this dance.

The blankets were made up of piggy squares, and the dance shows:

 Bars 1-16 the knitting of the piggy squares.
 Bars 16-24 moving the rows of piggy squares into good colour combinations.
 Bars 24-32 sewing the blanket together.

Recommended tune: CD Moments in time. Track 6 "The Cast' n Reel" Jim Lindsay, Keith Smith, Muriel Johnstone.

MAKO's Blanket

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