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The Millennium Jig (Faulkner)

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The Millennium Jig (Faulkner)
Mollie Faulkner  2000
Jig 5 x 32 bars 5 Couple  Repeat 5 Couple  Set Longwise Set

  1-8   1s5s advance, dance right hands across and out to places;

  9-12 2s3s4s advance and retire;

13-16 2s 3s 4s dos-à-dos;

17-20 1s cast, 5s cast up, to exchange places, 1M5M 1L5L touching right hands as they pass;

21-24 5s dance down inside the set, 1s up, to exchange places, 1M5M 1L5L touching right hands as they pass;

25-28 1s dos-à-dos;

29-32 1s slip down to 5th place.

(MAXICRIB. Scottish country dancing instructions compiled by Reuben Freemantle)

Dance Notes

This can be performed in a 4-couple set: 4s dance as instructed for 5s and explicit instructions for 4s are ignored. With a similar further reduction, it can be performed in a 3-couple set.

29-30 2s3s4s5s take hands on the sides and step up.

Dance Information

This dance, The Millennium Jig, was devised by one of Bellingham Scottish Country Dance Club members, Mollie Faulkner, on the occasion of new year 2000, the new millennium.

Bellingham Scottish Country Dancers had their 2017 spring ceilidh in Littlefield Celtic Center, Mount Vernon, Washington, which lies alongside the Skagit River.

Skagit River
The Skagit River In Spring, Mount Vernon, Washington

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