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Milliner's Farewell

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MILLINER'S FAREWELL (40 bar reel for 4 couples) Anne-Miek Klokgieters

1-4 1st couple turn with the right hand once round.
5-8 2nd and 1st couple dance down and round 3rd couple to the top (finish 2-1-3-4).
9-12 1st couple turn with the right hand once round.
13-16 1st and 3rd couple dance up and cast off (finish 2-3-1-4).
17-20 All four couples advance and retire.
21-24 1st and 4th couple dance up and round 3rd couple (finish 2-3-4-1).
25-32 All four couples dance eight hands round and back.
33-40 (Solo for the 1st couple Farewell) 1st couple dance behind own line to the top, meet and dance down to the bottom waving good-bye.

Repeat with a new top couple.

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Anne-Miek Klokgieters, The Hague, 2009)

Dance Information

Dance devised for the farewell of Jayne and Mike Milliner, September, 2009.

(Dance information by the deviser, Anne-Miek Klokgieters)

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