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Miss Mary Ann Baxter Of Balgavies

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Miss Mary Ann Baxter Of Balgavies (S4x32) 4C set Lewis N Derrick 1990

1-8 All dance eight hands round and back
9-16 The 1st and 2nd couples and the 3rd and 4th couples dance the tournée progression
17-18 Giving right hands, the 4th man crosses the 1st man in front of him as they dance across to the women's side of the dance, while the 1st and 4th women dance round the men as they cross over to the men's side of the dance
19-20 Giving right hands, the 4th woman crosses the 1st woman in front of her as they dance back to their own side of the dance while the 4th and 1st men dance back to their side of the dance round their partners, the 4th and 1st couples have now changed places
21-24 The 4th couple turn once round by the left hand while the 1st couple turn once round by the right hand, both couples retaining hands at the end of the turn
25-32 The 2nd and 4th couples and the 1st and 3rd couples dance a double figure of eight across the set; to begin the 4th couple cross up giving left hands, the 1st couple cross down giving right hands while the 2nd and 3rd couples dance up and down the sidelines, respectively; all end in own sidelines in order 2413

Repeat three more times from new positions each time

(Dance crib compiled by the deviser, Lewis N Derrick 2020)

Dance Notes

Bars 17-24 are an inverted Espagnole progression, with the men crossing first instead of the women as normal.

Dance Information

This dance, Miss Mary Ann Baxter Of Balgavies, (pronounced "Balguys"), was devised by Lewis Derrick to Commemorate Mary Ann Baxter (1801-1884), principle benefactress and co-founder of University College, Dundee, then part of the University of St Andrews, now the University of Dundee in its own right.

Suggested tune: The Piper O' Dundee.

Devised 1990, first published electronically 2020.

Copyright 1990, 2020 Lewis N. Derrick.

Dance information from The McGhie Scottish Country Dance Sheets #16, reproduced here with the kind permission of the deviser, Lewis N Derrick.

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