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Orcadian Strip The Willow

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Orcadian Strip The Willow 16 Bar Jig For any numbered Longwise set.

1-8 1st couple spin RH.
9- 1st couple work down the opposite line (i.e. of the people of the opposite sex) turning side person LH, partner RH, next side person LH, ... [2 bars per turn]

When 1st couple reach the bottom, they spin to the end of the phrase, then join the side lines.

A new couple starts every 16 bars.

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Orcadian Strip The Willow - Scottish Country Dancing Instruction Video

Dance Information

This dance, Orcadian Strip The Willow is a variation on Strip The Willow, but with multiple willow stripping.

It is best done in long sets, with every fourth or fifth couple stripping downwards and everyone else constantly moving upwards.

Once a couple reach the top, they wait for the appropriate bar and start another movement.

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Dancing Strip The Willow

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