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Pas De Basque It

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PAS DE BASQUE IT (J8x32) 3C (4C set) Iain G Richardson Aurora 10th Anniversary

1- 8 1s cross, cast (2s step up) 1s+2M+3L (1st corners) dance RH across and retain RH
9-12 1s+2M+3L set, join LH with opposite person on 2nd setting step (retain RH) set, release RH on 2nd setting step and all face anticlockwise
13-16 1s+2M+3L dance LH across, 1s join RH with 2nd corners, LH with partner (2M and 3L return to places)
17-20 1s+2nd corners Balance-in-Line. 1s drop LH and 1s+2nd corners set with Lady turning under Man's arm. 1s end facing 2nd corners
21-28 1s+2nd corners dance RSh reel of 4. 1s give LH in passing at end of reel and retain LH
29-32 1s (LH joined) set, take RH with partner on 2nd setting step (retain LH), then release LH and turn ¾ RH to 2nd place own side

(MINICRIB. Dance crib compiled by Charles Upton, Deeside Caledonian Society, and his successors)

Dance Information

In a letter dated 25th June 1964, to the Fletts (authors of Traditional Dancing in Scotland), Ysobel Stewart talks about the Pas de Basque and how she used to dance it:

Our Pas de Bas' step was as described by you on page 111, the quiet sweep round.
I am always sorry to see the "flick" which has been adopted by a number of country dancers.
The Pas de Basque was dignified and quiet and could be performed as quietly in heavy walking shoes as in rubber soled ones.

Highland Wedding
"The Highland Wedding" David Allan (Scottish painter 1744-1796), Oil On Canvas, c. 1780

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